Life comes at us fast and the decisions we make can have a great impact on what happens in our lives. Whether in the moment or over a period of time, how and what you decide should be rooted in a foundation of truth, wisdom, and understanding. 

Some things to consider:
What is your track record? Do you tend to make poor decisions over and over again? Is there someone you know that has an understanding where you’re deficient? Why not reach out to them for guidance? Be willing to listen and take it to heart–even if it goes against what you think. It shouldn’t make sense; especially, if you’re prone to make bad decisions in those situations.
Can you spend more time thinking things through before a decision needs to be made? Will the decision you make harm you or others? Is this a decision you even have to make?
Another thing to consider, stressful events can lead to panic, panic can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to a world of crazy. Pump your brakes, evaluate the situation, and process what is happening around you. Reflect. Ask for help. Seek sound guidance. Pray on it.