Moving Forward

Losing a piece of you, your identity, or a way of life, is a pain so real that it can cripple you mentally, physically, and spiritually. The struggle of making sense of things when you’re: confused, upset, or ready to give it all up and call it quits makes you question, “Why me? Why now?” Simple answer, because it was time and now you must move forward.

It doesn’t make sense…right now. As hard as it may seem, now is the time to be honest with yourself and the circumstance at hand. During our brief moment with life, we’ll face many obstacles that will challenge our inner truths and belief systems. In our hearts, we might create a “sense of being” that works only for ourselves, but is not shared with the universe. And when our selfish tendencies challenge life, it is always quick to remind us, “It was never about you.”

God has placed an order in the universe and you have a specific role. The challenge we often face is being able to identify what that role is. So, now is the time to dig deep within yourself, and chalk up the “L”. Yes, it was a loss, but more importantly what lesson did you learn? Did you get a glimpse of your true potential? Did you notice any positive qualities that you can build upon? Is there anything you could do differently to keep this from happening again?