A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way


The first few steps down a new path can be filled with so much uncontrollable energy it can leave you stuck. Your mind is flooded with so many questions, and you don’t have the answers to any of them. We’ll answer them when it’s time; but for now, we have to move forward. Being bold enough to take that leap of faith out of your comfort zone will change you. And it should change you. You’re leaving the old you behind and moving forward.

Confidence and faith–just a little bit of both can give you that extra push and propel your idea, goal, or vision to new heights. Trust in your ability and talents. There is greatness within you and your true potential is waiting for you to bring it to light. So be daring. Challenge yourself. Make lots of mistakes and take constructive criticism if it is offered to you. Shake off any temporary setbacks, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

Just remember one important thing…you don’t have time to associate with fear or doubts. These words keep company with complacency, laziness, procrastination, and failure.The sooner you recognize their presence in your life push yourself even harder. Yes, you will be challenged. No, everything is not going to go your way. Keep on moving forward. Yes, you will have to set new priorities. No, you won’t be able to party all the time. Keep on moving forward. It will take time, but it will be worth everything.