The Bigger Picture

bigger picture

Even though this journey has just begun, we can take pride in how far we’ve come: the new opportunities, the valuable skills learned, and the noticeable changes in our attitude and behavior. You can pat yourself on the back but there’s a lot more we have to do.

Looking at the bigger picture. It is amazing how we let the unknown keep us from doing the things that will make us happy. We develop a tolerance that becomes so strong; years later, we realize it was as toxic as a bad addiction. Thank goodness for those moments of clarity and the courage to change. This isn’t a mantra to rule the world or live the perfect life, but more of a “Did you live your life to its fullest potential?” More importantly, did you even tap into your potential?

Take an inventory of past failures and successes and ask yourself, how can this be done differently? Remember, everything in life has one thing in common…change. Either we learn to adapt and progress, or stay where we are and watch the world pass us by. Avoid getting caught in the snare trap of past failures AND successes. That was yesterday, a new day has started, and by tomorrow it will be old news. And quite frankly, people only care about the latest and greatest thing. So stop the pity party or get off your high horse, and start on the next great thing!