Be the Tree and not a Dying Leaf

large tree

You are greater than the label society has placed upon you. You were created in the image and likeness of the one True Living God. Why not be a source of life and create new energy and ideas? Why settle for being an object that is stifled from mental growth and imagination? Picture yourself as a tree and your limited mindset as a leaf. Both are part of each other but play significantly different roles.

              Tree             Leaf
  • Source of life
  • Part of life
  • Greater potential
  • Limited potential
  • Perseveres through many life cycles
  • Sustains limited life cycles
  • Provides many resources
  • Provides limited resources

Until we can get our minds to comprehend that we have greater value to the universe, we will not be able to reach full potential. Now is the time to challenge ourselves. Expand your mind to new ways of doing things and not be close-minded to change.

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