Nick Cannon: Intelligence Meets Wisdom

[Verse 1]
Once upon an element, a man named Intelligence questioned his own relevance
While his new old friend Wisdom offered his benevolence
You could tell, It was evident, the two were a little hesitant
Because their respect and reverence for each other was obviously heaven sent
That’s when Intelligence asked, well why do we hate?
Wisdom’s rebuttal:
Well why do we love?
Intelligence wondered what will become of his fate
While Wisdom just embraced each day just because
Now Intelligence can prove how much he knows
But Wisdom shows how much he grows
Though, Intelligence spends time searching for God
Wisdom sees that time, is merely a fraud
They both chose while out on job, to put their pros, cons and pride aside
Because the power of rivals subsides if the powerful rivals died
Wisdom’s crew was like, “Ooh… Right, right!”
While Intelligence’s entourage just sighed, “Oh, my, my!”
So is y’all ’bout it, ’bout it, or is you a ride or die
Because Wisdom knew only the true tried to be wise
Intelligence replied, nigga you ain’t never lied!
But it was something about these guys, they will not ever sever ties
Alone they could marvel but together they mesmerize
Materialized metamorphosis more opposites incorporated and attracted than they actually realized
For instance
Intelligence was man made, and Wisdom is a spirit
Intelligence is loud, but the sound of Wisdom, must be silent to hear it
Intelligence is witty and quick
While Wisdom is peaceful and still
Intelligence can be artificial
When Wisdom is real
Day and night, back and forth, they can debate turn for turn
But if you understand one without the other, further quandaries will forever burn
But for now this intelligent case is closed and the wise meeting of the minds is adjourned
While the blind has been leading the blind with frivolous concerns, We find that the true third eye lies intertwined between two universes of no return
Interned, these two terms will eternally be on good terms, in terms of the interim
The definitions have definitely and definitively been turned…
Intelligence – the ability to learn
Wisdom – the ability to discern
Your turn!