Dancing to a Different Beat

Courtesy of the Good News Network:

The “Dancing Doctor” keeps a collection box front and center, just like any other street performer, but it’s not because his residency pay is so bad that he has to busk for his dinner.

Adnan Khera collects donations—about $6,000 so far—to give to charity, through his organization, DoctorBeDancing.

Since May, the anesthesiology resident from Tufts Medical Center, in Boston, has been popping up all over the city, cranking up the tunes on his beatbox, and getting down with his bad self.

Plenty of folks ask him why he does it.

“One of the missions of this project is to show the value of individuality inside of medicine,” Khera told TODAY. “What I do on the streets allows me to communicate with the population at large, whereas I feel like normally in medicine, we have trouble communicating with patients.”

Another reason: Khera misses show business. Several years ago, he performed as a stand-up comedian and public speaker.

In his new life of service, he came up with a way to combine both worlds and hopes to top $10,000 in donations by October.