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Words Have Power

Power words


: the way you think and feel about someone or something

: a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior

: a way of thinking and behaving that people regard as unfriendly, rude, etc.

Full Definition of ATTITUDE

1:  the arrangement of the parts of a body or figure :  posture
2:  a position assumed for a specific purpose <a threatening attitude>
3:  a ballet position similar to the arabesque in which the raised leg is bent at the knee
a :  a mental position with regard to a fact or state <a helpful attitude>

b :  a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state

:  the position of an aircraft or spacecraft determined by the relationship between its axes and a reference datum (as the horizon or a particular star)
:  an organismic state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus (as an object, concept, or situation)
a :  a negative or hostile state of mind

b :  a cool, cocky, defiant, or arrogant manner

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