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How many people want to be in a relationship where the other person meets them halfway?  50/50 right?  Wrong!!  Relationships should be 100/100 all the time.  Each person must give 100% of themselves in order to make it work.  Now does this mean that the relationship is perfect?  Absolutely not, but it does mean that each person has invested themselves completely and they value their connection equally.  Too often we settle for less than 100% just so that we can have that connection, even though we know that there is something missing and that we deserve so much more.  Don’t fall in love with the idea of the perfect relationship, fall in love with all of the imperfections, all of the good times and the bad.  Fall in love with the person that is willing to give you the best them they can be.

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”- Mark 10:9

About faithandhope2015 (22 Articles)
Sometimes life throws you a curveball and forces you out of your comfort zone. Even though I have always had a passion for writing, not until recently did I ever think I would allow myself to share it with the world. As a single parent I know what it's like to have to rely on your faith just to make it through the day. I have struggled and I have persevered. I have earned a master's degree all while providing for my family and trying to maintain my sanity. I hope that my journey and insight may provide some comfort and peace of mind to someone else by letting them see that they are not alone.

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