Rise and Shine


Who did you speak to when you woke up this morning?  Your significant other?  Perhaps your children woke you up bright and early.  Maybe you spoke with a family member or friend to get your day started.  But what about him?  What about the one that has blessed you with the gift of another day, did he get a hello, good morning or hey what’s up?  Wake up grateful, wake up blessed and then tell him, Thank you!  Thank you God for allowing me one more day to be this amazing person you have created.  Thank you God for one more chance to embrace every opportunity and help those around me.  Your conversation with God is your own and no one can tell you how or when to have it, just make sure you have one.  Make sure you tell him that his gift to you is appreciated and never taken for granted.  Make sure that just as he made time to wake you up today, you make time to say, thank you!