A Fundraiser for Single Parents


When faithcoach2015.com began, its sole purpose was to encourage others to uplift those in need when they felt the world was against them. Our goal was to share scripture from the Bible, post positive affirmations, and to show that the Spirit of Love still exists in mankind.

Acts 20: 32 – 35, describes how we can exhibit God’s grace towards others when we’ve been blessed by His kindness. In an effort to pay things forward, we would like to start a fundraiser for single parents. Life is full of surprises and sometimes the most difficult challenges come at us when we least expect them.

With your prayers and donations, we can give back to those in need. A few dollars can help a single parent keep the lights on, place food on the table, or buy a coat for their child to get through the winter. Anything will help and will be greatly appreciated.

You can process your request by clicking here Donate Button

With a loving grace we thank you,