A Prayer for Compassion

Virgil Fry


Lord God,

We confess: our lifestyles are too busy, our focu self-centered, and our world is consumed with fear, greed, and pride. Sometimes, Lord, we react to the pains of others with a flippant, “who cares?”

Yet, in our more receptive times, when Your voice calls to our innermost beings, we know with absolute certainty two things we desperately need: To be loved and to love.

Hear us, Lord, grateful, thankful to experience occasional breakthrough moments of unconditional love.

Be with those whose hearts are broken, demoralized by life’s blows; those who mirror to us that unfairness and suffering is not lightened by past answers or avoidance, but is made bearable because of fellow travelers who truly do care, and show it.

Walk with us, God. Our trek is not always easy, our vision shortsighted, our love often hidden. May we seek the deeper places where our compassion, our joy reflect You, the God who is Love.


We love, because He first loved. (I John 4:19, NIV)

Don’t be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of other people, too. (Phil 2:4 EVD)