They Called Her “Irma”

On August 30th, a tropical wave that began from the coast of Cape Verde Islands would wreak havoc a week later on an island called Barbuda. Irma, which means “War Goddess”, lived up to her name. Any land mass that was in her path was met with certain destruction and mayhem. And due to the sheer size and power of this storm, it became the focal point of news outlets in the Caribbean and North America. This in turn created an atmosphere of anxiety and fear for anyone that might have to face her.


A Storm for the Ages. Once the images of annihilation started to emerge from the islands in the Caribbean, it was very obvious that this was a storm that should be taken very serious. What used to be a vacation spot loved by tourists in St. Maarten had been turned into unidentifiable rubble in a matter of hours. Entire communities destroyed leaving their residents homeless and hopeless for days and quite possibly months to come. In Florida, millions are without power and thousands more have no running water. Not to mention the millions that evacuated to safer grounds and have no idea what they will be coming back to when they’re allowed to return.



An exact number on the lives taken has not been given, but coupling that with the loss of normalcy will only make this a greater challenge for those affected by Irma. Just as the storm surges swept through the streets and fields; running water and power was taken away which in turn will make any recovery period a wishful thought in the distant future.


Time for Compassion, Healing and Prayers. The destruction caused by Irma is on a scale not witnessed by many in recent history. There are several charitable agencies working around the clock to bring shelter, food, clothing, and comfort to those who lost everything. For those of you that can donate or volunteer please do so. If all you can do is offer a prayer that will work just the same. Let’s come together and help our brothers and sisters in their time of need.


God Bless,  Faithcoach2015