Authentic Change

Inspired by: David Goggins


Harden your mind and do things that most people think are impossible.

When you make that concerted effort to change, you do it for one reason, not to be the person you were in the past ever again.

People will try to put a title on you. They see the finished product, but what they don’t understand is the journey that it took for you to get to the point where you are when it’s all said and done.

They won’t realize you were the complete opposite of what you are or will become.

Perhaps you were the coward that ran away from everything, that got in front of you.

We have dual personalities, the “real you” could be real scared and insecure, stuttering, abused. The “other you” walks around as if they are invincible. You will eventually realize you’re lying to yourself and to people around you.

When you’re in the the darkest period of your life, that inner voice will challenge you to do better, be better, and make your environment better. Your lizard brain is there to protect you.

It is moments like this that we should find something much greater than what we are and fight to attain it at all costs.

The Struggle Is Very Real

There were will be challenges and setbacks. This is when you seek help for things you don’t know how to do. Dig in deeper and find a way to at least do what you set out to do—whether you succeed or fail…just try.

Realize, that once you clear one hurdle the next hurdle and the ones after that will have their own challenges. This is life—different stages mean different ways of doing things. We are beings that were created to adapt to changing circumstances and evolve into something greater.

You have to get used to the fact that when you commit yourself to change you no longer have a comfort zone—you adapt.

Your fear and insecurities will haunt you. Your mind becomes the new battle ground while you continue to struggle with internal and external dilemmas.

Are you ready to change? Do you truly know what the cost this will be to you on a mental, physical, and spiritual level? To be different, you must do different.

So unless you have completely convinced yourself that you are prepared; you will quickly realize your intentions will be blocked by fear, fear left unchecked becomes a distraction, distractions will force you to make excuses, and eventually you will quit.

You will look for things that will make you comfortable. The more things you find comfortable, the more uncomfortable your mind becomes. The law of least effort.

Unless you reflect and take an unbiased audit on your life:
• Are you where you want to be in life?
• Where are you headed?
• What value do you offer others, and most importantly yourself?
• Can you do and be better in life?

You will always cheat yourself from being the person you were intended to be. Your guilt and low self-esteem will force you to be the failure others expected you to be.

Fight Your Fears

What fears are hidden deep within you? Can you identify the fears that paralyze you and make it impossible for you to look them in the face? Your fears are creating the world that you live because they control your every thought.

It’s time. Time for you to be that person who overcomes their fears and insecurities. Stop blaming others for your failures and inability to hold yourself accountable for what you’re responsible for. No one is going to be there for you. This is your battle. Only you know who and what enemy you are up against.

You have two options: 1) be content with your miserable, pathetic life and regret never trying to be or do anything with your God given talents; or 2) push through this funk you’re in by learning from your setbacks and failures until you succeed.

Create that character, be that person, live in the new found spirit of the image you know you can be. Let this alter ego be the one that will fight those battles you were too timid to. Let them take any pain, suffering, abuse. Be bold! Be brave!

Anything that would be out of character for the old you must be completed by the new you. Where you would quit—they keep going. When you would be shy—they are unabashedly charismatic and delightful. What the old you said couldn’t be done—they not only find a way but have others help get it accomplished.

It is a process. Your mind is what you create. Start opening different doors that you were unaware were even there. You will notice the more doors that are opened that your potential is endless.

Become driven. Be obsessed. Motivation is not enough.

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You Are a Creator!

People feel trapped and stuck in this world. They’ve come to the conclusion that they can’t do anything because “this is who they are.” and gave up on life.

Don’t be this person. You’re not this person. You are committed to change, and change is what you are going to do.

It will take time to get acclimated to your new way of thinking, but never become complacent or comfortable. That inner voice does not want you to change because change is the unknown, and the mind associates the unknown to danger. Again, we don’t create comfort zones we adapt to change.

Visualize and dream your successes. See yourself bringing in new clients, starting new businesses, helping out in the community, and spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.

We are creators. We have the ability to turn thoughts into physical things. As long as we stay focused and work towards our goals. Keep fighting for your dreams. If you get knocked down, get back up. This dream is yours. Own it. Fight for it. If you’ve never fought for anything else before, fight for this. Fight for you.

Isn’t it time you felt something different besides defeat. Nobody believes you can do it. Guess what. It’s none of your business what they think about you. Why? Because this is your fight and only you can see it all the way through.

What if?

What if you grind your ass off and become a successful business owner? How would you do it?

What if you could afford to take your entire family on an all expense paid trip? Where would you take them?

What if you could be the financial resource so that your family no longer had debt, bills, and became the individuals they always dreamed of? What would you like to do for them?

What if you could hire your friends to work with you and show them how to create their own business?

What if you could end the generational mindset of poverty and dependency on other people for your family? What types of businesses would you like to become industry leaders in?

What if you could have that summer body all year long? Who would you like to train with?

You Are Your Habits…Complete the Process

In this society, mediocrity is often rewarded. We should detest mediocrity.

Are you working hard? Do you put that work in on a daily basis? Are you moving closer to your goals at the end of each day?

You should never be comfortable being around lazy people; especially, if you are the one being lazy. It is a poor reflection of character and never leads to anything positive.

Accept the fact that this will be a battle. You will suffer. There will be casualties. But fight through that. It will take extreme amounts of faith, courage, and discipline to be someone no one has ever known before.

Turn negatives into positives. Change the way you talk to yourself. Ask how can you… and what if… whenever you begin to feel defeated. Fuel yourself with the right kind of message. You are genius. You are one of a kind.

Be realistic. You cannot expect to be a expert at something new. Ask questions. Read books. Follow influencers. Take courses. Take incremental steps until you can run. Once you can run, learn to fly. After you fly, take someone along with you.

Get comfortable doing what you plan to be an expert at. Know what skills are going to be needed in order to be in business for yourself and do them often.

Take classes on selling and overcoming objections. Learn to give presentations and speak publicly. Know who your target market is and what they like. Perfect your social skills online and in person. Face your fears at every opportunity you can. This is the process. You can always do more.

When we have bad times, we forget how truly amazing we are. Reflect on all of the accomplishments that you’ve achieved leading up to where you are.
• What have you been through that you thought was impossible?
• What obstacles have you overcome?
• Remind yourself that there’s nothing that can keep you from doing what you want done. Never panic!!!

Write these thoughts down for future reference.

You have to pay your dues. Put yourself out there and experience the struggle in real time. Know what it feels like. Books can’t explain in detail what it is like to be without.

How will you react when reality punches you in the throat?

When you live it and know how to calm your mind; self talk and positive thinking can only help so much. Most of the time we react when we are in threatening situations. Our lizard brain tells us to, “get out!”

Knowing how to control that flight reaction and telling yourself that there is a way to control your emotions. You know that it’s not going to last forever.

Recall what it felt like to quit. Never sell yourself too short. You are not that person who regrets giving in too soon.

To know what it is like to think about quitting and leaving. Being a disappointment to your family and those depending on you. Is it worth it? Why am I doing this? This is the nuts and bolts of it. Figure out the process. Find your way out and through it.

You have to complete the process. You will suffer. You have to live in it. You have to be comfortable in it. And then maybe some of that magic will sprinkle on you and help you along the way.

It’s only when you have been through the darkest period of your life and seen your way out that you can know what it is like.

We want it to happen instantaneously, but the permanent results come from you suffering. You must have it seared into your psyche, and tattooed on your brain. That way when you go through it again, you don’t forget it. You will always have a place to draw from.

You can be the most challenged individual and become whomever you want to be with the right mindset and attitude. You must confront your weaknesses, fears, and insecurities in order to power through.

Create your own path. Find yourself. Be comfortable in your skin and go at your own pace. This is not a competition. Your life story is your own, and anybody else’s story is totally different.

We have been blessed with our own gifts and talents. We could combine our abilities to create something amazing, but we should never feel bad for not being able to do something the other person was blessed to do.

In time, with lots of energy and sweat equity, we could emulate another person’s abilities but it would take a lot of time.

Don’t ever give up the fight. Be uncommon amongst uncommon people. Do not put a limit on what is possible.

Whenever you become too comfortable, start training on something new and excel at it. Develop a personal sovereignty attitude—it
is the concept of property in one’s own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity and be the exclusive controller of one’s own body and life.

Find yourself through the struggle. Triple down on your weaknesses and find out something new about yourself. You already know how to get through the good times. How do you get through the times that suck?

When did you last face something that bothered you for your entire life? What is eating you up inside? Have you found a way to ignore that voice and become comfortable with the struggle?

Going into war, out of 100 men:
10—shouldn’t even be there
80—of them are just targets
9—of them do most of the fighting
1—is a warrior

Appreciate the self-discipline if you weren’t disciplined. Love putting in the hard work because you were at one time before lazy. Always know you’re capable of doing more. It is all on you. Hold yourself accountable. Don’t depend on others to hold you down. How far can you go?

Take that first step to being amazing. Are you living what you’re preaching? Are you really going after your dreams?

Are you doing more talking than you are working on your goals? Live what you’re saying. Be authentic. Relive your life story and be true to that story.

Motivation comes and goes depending on what you feel at that moment.

What is your attitude like when you have nothing at all? Do you tell yourself to seize the day? To go after your dreams and make it happen?

Once you become driven and obsessed you are unstoppable.

Most people quit at 40 percent. Our brain puts limits on the pain, suffering, discomfort, and everything that we hate in order to be happy. Push yourself to go further. Start from a place of love and go for the glory of God. He is truly worth the praise.

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