What Is Your “Why” Story?

Why aren’t you giving your story a life?

Let me guess. Fear.

Most of us have become conditioned to have limiting beliefs.

“You can’t do this!”
“Why are you wasting your time with that?”

This negative talk is internalized and shuts our minds down to creative thinking.

We’ve been raised in a culture that expects you to be like everyone else, and will frown upon anyone that does something differently.

It’s unfortunate but too many people do not feel worthy, let alone able, to share their greatness with others.

That old way of thinking is one of the leading contributors to stress and anxiety today.

What if you could live a more empowered life?

We are spiritual beings. Creators of ideas. We have the ability to turn intangible thoughts into physical things. So when we tell ourselves we “can’t” do something. It contradicts our innate abilities, our true self, and fights us until we challenge ourselves to be better.

So again, I’ll ask, “what is your why story,” and why aren’t you giving your story a life?”

Instead of saying it can’t be done, challenge yourself and ask, “How can I make this a reality?” Your mind will become flooded with so many different ideas to make it possible. They will be original ideas that you never would have thought of before helping become the “realest you” that you can be.

To become an instrument of change, two things must happen:
1. Believe your story—past, present, and future—can be an inspiration for someone searching for answers.
2. You have to change your mindset from spectator into a person of action.

So my challenge to you: Decide to do ONE thing today that you have been putting off for the last year due to fear. You’ll realize that taking action is one of the greatest cures to overcome fear.