What Does Your Perfect Day or Life Look Like?

By: WP Hutchins

For many years people have been pleading to God to give them this or that—whether it’s to cure them of medical conditions, restore empty bank accounts or spare troubled family members from further destructive behavior or lifestyles. But how many can actually describe the vision that they have for their future? Can you describe yours? If God were to ask you precisely what you want, are you capable of telling Him exactly what it is that you desire? Will you be able to write your vision plainly (Hab 2:2) or would it be a rambling attempt with numerous fragmented and run-on sentences?

The Bible tells us in (Prov 29:18) “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Are you one of those people? Doesn’t it make sense to know what we desire from life—no matter what it is—as long as it’s pleasing to Christ? Does it make sense to ask for things that are not necessary or for things that we know are against God’s will? Will the things that you desire bring you closer to God, are they pleasing and acceptable to Him? I know that there are many questions to be answered—and this is but a few of them. I suggest that it is better that I ask you now rather than you get near the entrance of heaven and the questions are asked and you don’t have any answers. Hopefully, while you are still in the land of the living, your thinking processes will kick in and you will do a self evaluation and ask God to assist you in preparing your for that final judgment.

I suggest that you review your daily activities from the time you wake up in the morning until you lay your head down at night. The more concisely you divide daily tasks (every 15 or 30 minutes) the more accurate your observations will be. At first this may appear to be a difficult task and in all honesty it may be quite a challenge. With that being said – do it anyway! It will be more than worth the time and effort when you complete the effort. Review your first draft and refine it.

When you’ve completed this assignment, it will require you to contrast what you do on a daily basis with what you really desire to do. Don’t lure yourself into thinking that what you routinely do is what you really want in life. Don’t limit yourself – after all, as children of the Most High God, we are His heirs and the benefactors of unspeakable abundance. There is no limit to how much our Lord is willing to bless us with.

If after this exercise you determine that your life isn’t all that it can and should be, what will you do to change your circumstance? Will you decide to just settle and live a life full of regret or will you ask our Heavenly Father to guide you to your new life. Be willing to exchange your mediocrity to a more fulfilling quality of life.

Remember what is contained in the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22). It begins with ‘love, joy, peace…’ just to mention a few. Would you agree that many of our lives would be much better if we had the evidence of love, joy and peace in our daily lives? Compare that with the unhappy, lack luster mundane existence that for years we have accepted as our regular way of life. We are entitled to so much more, yet we don’t take advantage of all the Lord has in store for us. Make a decision to communicate with God the real and true desires of your heart.