They Called Her “Irma”

On August 30th, a tropical wave that began from the coast of Cape Verde Islands would wreak havoc a week later on an island called Barbuda. Irma, which means "War Goddess", lived up to her name. Any land mass that was in her path was met with certain destruction and mayhem. And due to the … Continue reading They Called Her “Irma”

No Comfort Zone Challenge: Week 1

Image of EmRossi   For the longest while, I had this thing about my voice. It's a funny thing, because I've worked a few customer service positions and it required me being on the phone. Anywho, I decided months ago that I would try something to help me appreciate my voice and started singing karaoke. … Continue reading No Comfort Zone Challenge: Week 1

John Hahn: In Him Is Life

  Here in this one verse, God answers that one question: Why do you exist? Why do I exist? For Jesus. You exist for Him. And He created us so that we can share in that relationship. That is why you and I are breathing this morning. God created you for a purpose, and that … Continue reading John Hahn: In Him Is Life

Be Your Own Boss Today with Uber

Use this code and receive a sign on bonus or receive a free ride: lawrenceh2600ue   Driving for Uber lets you be your own boss, set your own hours, and earn a nominal wage - all in the comfort of your own vehicle. Many drivers also love how they get to meet tons of new people … Continue reading Be Your Own Boss Today with Uber

Prayer for Self-Control

Via:   Dear God, Please help me to have more self-control. Train me Lord, like an athlete to be strong and determined. Feed me with your truth in the scriptures to make me healthy. May I exercise muscles of forgiveness, patience and peacemaking. Lord, increase my stamina to give out to those in need. … Continue reading Prayer for Self-Control