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Always Remember there is a Plan


What do you do when you find yourself feeling disappointed?   What leads us to this feeling that something or someone has let us down?  Is that we set our expectations too high and thus bring this on ourselves or is it that we have surrounded ourselves with people and things that are not meant to be a part of our journey and this is how they are weeded out?  The feeling of being disappointed is one of the hardest to reconcile because this feeling is often created by outside forces so it seems we are helpless in avoiding it.  However, being more conscious of the decisions we are making, the people that are involved in our lives and what our true expectations are will allow us to better prepare ourselves for this feeling.  Don’t be afraid to put your faith into something, just know if it doesn’t work out there may be a greater cause at work and this negative situation may very well turn out to be a positive one.  Prepare yourself for all possible outcomes in life and remember that every situation is working out just the way it was intended.  Whether good or bad, everything happens for a reason.

What are you waiting for?


Tomorrow isn’t promised.  No…seriously…we have no idea how many days we will be blessed with so we need to make each one of them count.  So, what are you waiting for?  What are you actively doing to get where you want to be in life?  A lot of us have great ideas about what we want for the future, we have goals we would love to achieve, well maybe someday.  There is no such thing as someday, there is only today!  Are you going to reach every goal today?  No.  Is there something you can do today to take you one step closer to the future you want?  Yes.  A dream without an action is still just a dream.  Make your days count.  Take charge of your life and know that no matter how many more precious days you are granted every one of them will have a purpose.  Take chances, put yourself out there and believe that you are a success story in the making.