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What are you waiting for?


Tomorrow isn’t promised.  No…seriously…we have no idea how many days we will be blessed with so we need to make each one of them count.  So, what are you waiting for?  What are you actively doing to get where you want to be in life?  A lot of us have great ideas about what we want for the future, we have goals we would love to achieve, well maybe someday.  There is no such thing as someday, there is only today!  Are you going to reach every goal today?  No.  Is there something you can do today to take you one step closer to the future you want?  Yes.  A dream without an action is still just a dream.  Make your days count.  Take charge of your life and know that no matter how many more precious days you are granted every one of them will have a purpose.  Take chances, put yourself out there and believe that you are a success story in the making.

Move at your own pace


When on our journey through life it is all too easy to look at the next person and say, “Why can’t I be where they are?”  Instead of being happy and content with the progress we have made we are disappointed that we have not made it as far as someone else.  What we don’t know, is how long that other person has already been on their journey.  Many times we are only able to value ourselves by comparing what we have or where we are in life to someone else.  We must learn to accept every little accomplishment as a step in the right direction.  Move at your own pace, enjoy the journey you are taking and remember how far you have come.  When we begin to appreciate ourselves and how hard we have worked then we are able to see another person’s accomplishments as motivation instead of disappointment.

Let it go


Is there an expiration date on grudges?  How long do you go around disliking or resenting another person because of something they may have done to you or the way they treated you?  I suppose it could go on forever, but how exhausting would that be?  Every time you hear that person’s name, see their face or think about the circumstance that brought you to these feelings you continue to trap yourself in a constant state of unhappiness.  How much easier is it to say, I forgive you.  It doesn’t matter if the person apologizes, it doesn’t matter if they are even sorry for what they did.  What matters is that you have freed yourself from the burden of having to dislike that person forever.  Holding that anger and pain inside only hurts you, not them.  They will continue to live their lives and you will continue to feel that pain until you just let it go.  Forgiving that person gives you back the control over your mind and your heart.

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” ~ Alexander Pope