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National Geographic: The Science of Addiction: Here’s Your Brain on Drugs

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Addiction comes in many forms – trapping millions across the globe in a vicious cycle of desire, bingeing, and withdrawal. With the latest research on how the brain works, scientists are challenging the notion that addiction represents some kind of moral failing. They’re focusing instead on developing new methods of treatment.

To understand addiction, it’s helpful to begin with the brain’s elaborate reward system, built around a chemical called dopamine. When we do something that helps us survive, like eating, socializing, or procreating, the brain rewards us with a blast of dopamine across our cerebral circuitry, which we experience as pleasure.

Drugs override the natural flow of dopamine and, in the process, “hijack” our reward system. Find out how addiction comes about, and explore the latest innovations for its treatment, in this animated video.

For more, read the full article in the September 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/mag…

Music on the Mind: Neuroscience in the Public Eye, Smith College

Research suggests that music has benefits to our health; especially, our mental health. One reason for this, is the amount of brain stimulation that listening to  and playing music evokes.

Check out the video for more fascinating ways music can benefit you.

The Power of the Mind


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