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Ravi Zacharias: Don’t Underestimate What God Can Do Through You!

“It is by the grace and the mercy of God that we can make it to Heaven.”

“The biggest mistake we often make in life in the task in which God has called us, is to assume we can’t do very much.”

“God has used children and ordinary people to do great things.”

“Don’t underestimate what God can do through you.”




Child Trafficking and Women in Poverty



See undercover video taken by police, better understand why it happens, and who is doing it. It highlights the heartbreaking reality of child trafficking around the world.

Women and children in poverty are at an extremely high risk of exploitation. This is why World Concern, http://www.worldconcern.org , makes child trafficking prevention a major component of its aid programs, especially in Asia.

CREDITS: Originally produced by the Viva Network and the Asha Forum in association with Fat America Films, and was sponsored by World Emergency Relief.

Porn and Sex Trafficking: Ten Facts from the Experts


Sex trafficking: it’s a well-known injustice which affects millions of women and children around the world; whereas porn: a well-known and widely accepted form of “entertainment.

What’s their connection? Well, let’s take a look at some facts from the experts.

Life Lessons

life lessons

Life Lessons:

  1. Nurture love and she will return the gesture exponentially.
  2. Strive to be an example of God’s love towards others.
  3. In all matters, apply love and faith towards anything that creates fear and hate.
  4. Always bless and praise a mother that shows pride in loving their children.
  5. A loving father will raise a son to be a man and a daughter to be a woman.