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Life is Revelation


Everyday, something “new” is revealed to us. A new truth. A new way of doing something. A new beginning. Is it our responsibility to hear and receive it when it makes itself known? Does the decision we have to make at that moment in time move us closer to or further away from the path of true potential? Are revelations the proverbial seeds that sprout within us, and grow into blossoming trees which eventually produce fruits for others to feed from? Should we challenge ourselves to listen to the voices within and be the person our revelation is calling us to be?

Shhhhhh…just listen. When was the last time you spent time with yourself? No TV. No cell phone. No radio. No outside distractions. Just you and your mind? What did you hear? How much of it was noise? By noise, I mean jibberish that is just floating around your brain that has very little value. Block it out. Was there anything that you could use to better yourself or someone else? Now question it. Was there any substance of truth to it or was it just a working thought that sounded good at the time? Jot it down, research the matter, and see if it can lead to something great.

Words are things. If you want to change your world; more importantly, if you want to improve your way of life, find a better source for the words that you use. Stop using words that make you powerless and defensive. You have greatness within you. And with that greatness is an endless supply of empowerment that can will you through anything. Start examining why you speak the way you do? Next, consider the source. You shouldn’t wake up in the morning and your first thought is, “How bad is life going to treat me today?” That’s crazy talk. Find a positive affirmation, give thanks for something, challenge yourself to do something great, and never talk yourself into defeat.

Pride: A Dangerous  and Costly Sin

Characteristics and behaviors are learned; whether from your upbringing or the environment we place ourselves in. We often struggle with why we are stuck in a rut or make decisions that defy or counteract what we know to be “true” based on our life experiences.

Pride is a very subtle yet very destructive quality to own. Living a guarded life can hinder relationships and trust from those who want nothing but the best for you.
So you’re struggling with a life issue? We all are. Feel ashamed about circumstances you have no control over? We’ve all been there. Being able to ask for help from others in a time of need is nothing to be ashamed of…especially if there is someone in your circle that can give you the much needed assistance.
Has someone come to your for help? Be honest. Now is not the time to pity them, or stroke their ego, but to give them a jolt of reality. Listen and try your hardest not to judge or belittle them. For some it takes a lot of courage to open up about a matter that is close to the heart. Most importantly, if they tell you something in confidence keep it that way. Why betray their trust? It only perpetuates why people keep things to themselves and keeps giving life to the one thing we want to get rid of…and that’s pride.