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Sgt. Steve Wick: To Protect and to Serve


A candid picture of an HPD cop is warming hearts all over Houston. It shows the officer washing a homeless man’s feet. The officer is Sgt. Steve Wick with HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team. The homeless man’s name is Quintus. He works on the selling newspapers.

Ten Unbelievable Rags to Riches Stories


From Homeless to Billionaires, those amazing people wrote a page of history!

That’s why they deserve to be in the spotlight, and that’s why we dedicated this special episode to them. How to become rich? How to raise from the ashes and become a success story? How to believe in yourself, when nobody else does? They know the answer for all those questions better than anyone else.

We invite you to check out 10 Unbelievable Rags to Riches Stories and to take those people as a source of inspiration and as an example of true motivation. We hope you like what you see.


Rikki Mendias: Sneaker Fan Turns Passion into Philanthropy

Donate your new or gently worn sneakers to those in need.

The mission of Hav A Sole, a 501c3 certified non-profit, is to bring quality footwear to the homeless and disadvantaged while bringing awareness to their situation and needs. It is our aim to be an ambassador of change while honoring the dignity of every human being.


Nasir Sobhani aka ‘The Streets Barber’, is a true Nomad, not just of the world, but also of the mind. Growing up in Japan, attending University in Canada, volunteering his time for Youth Work in the Vanuatu and then Australia to start up his own initiative helping the homeless, Nasir has certainly lived a fruitful life. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, with a crippling drug addiction along the way, Nasir thanks his Baha’i faith and barbering for his new found sobriety. Working six days a week cutting hair, Nasir spends his one day off hitting the streets to give free haircuts to the homeless. He calls it, ‘Clean Cut Clean Start’.

For more stories on Nasir’s street clients, check out his Instagram page here – https://instagram.com/thestreetsbarbe…


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